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GEOPARK FESTIVAL - If Not Now - An interactive performance workshop with One Step Theatre

25 May 2019

Torre Abbey

If Not Now is an interactive performance workshop with One Step Theatre.

Young Sally struggles to reconcile her inner eco-warrior with her Mum's battle to support a family under the pressures of modern life.

If Not Now explores the relationship with the current plastic crisis, raising important environmental questions using playful storytelling and games.

We invite those young and old to take part in this urgent conversation that will shape our futures for generations to come.

The workshop will last approximately 75 minutes and parents/guardians are encouraged to stay and join in the action (physical participation optional).  If Not Now is an interactive workshop that uses performances and play for those aged 8 and above. 

Venue: Torre Abbey
Time: 2:30pm – 4pm
Cost: The activity is Free to attend, but booking is essential. 
Is booking required: Yes
Booking/further information contact number:  online here or call 01803 293593

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