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News from the Geopark

International Geopark conference 'golden opportunity for Bay'

10 Jan 2014

TORBAY is to bid to host the internationally prestigious Geopark Global Conference in 2016.

Mayor Gordon Oliver has declared to councillors that it is a golden opportunity for the Bay to boost visitor numbers and enhance its reputation.

He said: "This will have enormous economic benefits."

The decision was made at a meeting of the full council. But there was a split between councillors with some fearful Torbay will be left with a huge bill should the event not attract enough financial backing.

"The costs will be covered by the fees and the private sector," said the mayor.

He accused those who did not support the bid of not being ambitious enough for the Bay. "We have got to give people hope for a better time," he said. "Events like this bring an awful lot of benefits for retail and business."

Global Geopark status is awarded to areas with internationally important geology and outstanding heritage where it is used for the benefit of the community. Torbay is the smallest urban Geopark, having been endorsed by UNESCO in 2007.

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