Geopark Partners

The English Riviera Geopark is run by the English Riviera Geopark Organisation (ERGO) and has four key activities

  • GeoTourism
  • GeoEducation
  • Geosite Conservation
  • Geopark Coordination 

ERGO is supported by a network of members who share a vision for raising the profile of the English Riviera, the towns of Torquay, Paignton and Brixham, using its geological heritage.

Geopark Partners have all signed up to the English Riviera Geopark Charta and contribute cash and/or services in kind to the work of ERGO.

The English Riviera Geopark Charta

As a Partner of the English Riviera Geopark Organisation (ERGO)

  • I understand the "English Riviera Global Geopark" logo is a registered trademark and can only be used under license issued by the English Riviera Geopark Organisation.  I will not distribute, electronically or otherwise, the logo to any third party without the express permission of ERGO.
  • I will undertake to comply with the "Guidance on retailing original geological material" and will not retail original geological material.
  • I will undertake to promote the conservation and enhancement of the natural beauty of the English Riviera Geopark
  • I will undertake to champion the organisations vision for the English Riviera Geopark and its communities, as set out in the English Riviera Geopark Management Plan
  • I will undertake to promote, support and play a full and active part in the work of the organisation in fulfilling its roles and responsibilities
  • I will undertake to assist the organisation in achieving an independent and apolitical profile in the performance of its functions

Promotional Partners - local tourism businesses contribute towards the work of the Destination Marketing Organisation, the English Riviera BID Co (Business Improvement District).  The ERBIDCo fulfils the marketing of the Geopark on a local, regional, national and international level through its strategic documents. 

English Riviera Tourism Company

5 Vaughan Parade
Torquay, TQ2 5JG

Tel: 01803 296296

Email :enquiries@englishrivierabid.co.uk 

Use of the Geopark logo.  The Geopark logo is an official trademark. Any organisation or partner who desire to use the Geopark logo must contact the Geopark Coordinator (m.border@englishrivierageopark.org.uk) in order that the request can be considered by the Geopark Management Group.