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Thank you for joining us on this journey to discover more about the English Riviera UNESCO Global Geopark, one of Earth’s Extraordinary Places. In this series of interviews, Geopark Patron Professor Iain Stewart explores what it is that makes this Geopark so special, from when the rocks around us were formed, to evidence of early humans and right up to artists and writers who are being inspired by the Geopark today.


'These films are a wonderful way for people to reconnect with the amazing natural environment that surrounds us down on the English Riviera coast - an environment that infuses our daily lives and enriches our economic, social and cultural well-being. They are full of brilliant stories - past, present and future - that speak to the vital modern importance of Torbay's ancient geological heritage.' 
Professor Iain Stewart, BBC TV Geologist and Geopark Patron.


'UNESCO Global Geoparks are quality destinations.  In this series you will find out why Torbay is a successful UNESCO Global Geopark, learning some amazing facts about the area.   Our Patron Prof Iain Stewart engages in discussion with some fascinating people, revealing how the combination of urban, coastal and natural environment characteristics make the place unique. Creative writers, performers and artists talk about the inspiration they find in the history and landscape and scientists explain why the rocks and fossils are so special, and how human cultures have been coming to the area for hundreds of thousands of years. Listening to the people who live, work and visit the Geopark, sharing their stories, you will discover why the English Riviera UNESCO Global Geopark really is one of Earth's Extraordinary places.’
Nick Powe, Chair of the Geopark management organisation.




EPISODE 4: TODAY’S INSPIRATION (to be released 1 December)

EPISODE 5: PAST CLIMATE AND SEA LEVEL CHANGE (to be released 8 December)

EPISODE 6: WRITERS OF THE RIVIERA (to be released 15 December)

EPISODE 7: MARINE LIFE OF THE BAY (to be released 22 December)