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The Geopark Safari Kayak Tour

1 May - 14 Jul 2019

Sea Kayak Torbay

Geology can be a difficult subject to harness or find interesting if you live in a city or a relatively flat area that is farmed. With a clean dissection of the earth crust, you can clearly see and start to understand Strata. Torbay is blessed with such geo-diversity that it has played an incredible part in the history of Western geology. 

The incredible story of our rocks formation their journey and the discoveries found within them caused shock waves through Victorian England. The county lent its name to a geological period of time and today our bay is world famous, the English Riviera is now a Global UNESCO Geopark. 

Field trips by tandems kayak are a safe way to access areas that are not easily accessed by land. This type of active adventure helps to cultivate the minds of the participant. All learning styles can be achieved as participants can see, touch, taste and feel the rocks and as part of their adventure create rock art and sculptures. 

Venue: Brixham Oxon Cove and Meadfoot Beach 
Time: Monday - Friday Half Day/Full Day
Cost: Half Day - £250 Full Day - £400

Book your tour by contacting Sea Kayak Torbay om 01803 912963 or email info@seakayaktorbay.co.uk

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