Discovering Jellyfish

12 Aug

Fishcombe Cove Cafe

We've seen lots of beautiful jellyfish in our waters as of late, some species sting, some of them don't and it can be difficult to identify which one is which. Lots of people ask us questions here at the cafe, such as why they are seen during summer? Are they living species? And quite frankly, we want to know more.

So we decided it's time to get the seadreameducation team down to educate us a little more. You may even get chance to TASTE some jellyfish (yes, for real!)

This is a ticketed event £6pp tickets can be purchased via the cafe direct or via email fishcombecovecafe@gmail.com

Monies raised from ticket sales will go towards the Seadream Education Charity 

The cafe will be serving as the bar and we will have a food option also available to all those with tickets.

The talk starts at 6pm.

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