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News from the Geopark

Pupils' film helps to explain what Torbay Geoplay park is all about

22 Feb 2014

Pupils' film helps to explain what Torbay Geoplay park is all about

A NEW film has been produced promoting all the fun of Torbay's Geoplay Park.

Paignton Town Community Partnership secured money from the Big Lottery and Community Spaces funds and worked closely with the English Riviera Global Geopark, local artists and pupils at Curledge Street Academy to produce the new short, fun film which can be seen online and at various locations and events around the Bay in the Geopark's 'Geo-Van' over the coming year.

Local songwriters Hugh Nankivell and Steven Sowden wrote the song 'Geoplay' and recorded the musical arrangement using 27 different instruments.

The song follows the four different geological time periods around which Paignton's Geoplay park is themed.

Ellen Nankivell recorded the lead solo vocal and the children of Curledge Street, over a course of workshops and recording sessions, devised the tricky clapping patterns seen in the film and contributed the choral vocal parts.

The film was shot in the Geoplay Park last November, with the children and their music teacher Becky Mencarini. The children all contributed with great enthusiasm, adding their ideas to the story and performing brilliantly for the camera.

Melanie Border, geopark co-ordinator, said: "I think it's fantastic we now have a new theme song for the Geoplay Park.

"It really helps explain the stories behind the geological theme of the Geoplay Park and I'm so pleased all of the children from Curledge Street Academy had such a great time making the film."

Becky Mencarini said: "The children really enjoyed the process of recording the song, and had great fun making the video.

"They were thrilled with the finished film, and loved seeing themselves on the screen."

You can view the film at www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3tdJ3hqJ6U