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News from the Geopark

European Ice Age Attractions managers gather at Kents Cavern

14 Feb 2016

MANAGERS of top prehistoric cave and museum attractions from across Europe gathered in Kents Cavern in Torquay for the spring conference of the 'Ice Age Europe' network.

The network consists of some of Europe's best known Stone Age sites, and leading ancient human research institutes, including Altamira in Spain, the Neanderthal museums in Gibraltar, Germany and Croatia and the decorated caves in the Basque Country.

Nick Powe, director of Kents Cavern, said: "We hold meetings at member sites and we were delighted to invite our colleagues to Kents Cavern, particularly now that the English Riviera has UNESCO status. Some members are State funded/EU supported institutions and others, like us, are privately run caves, but we each share international importance prehistoric collections and stories from the Ice Age when Britain was linked by a land-bridge to Europe.

"Each of our members has something remarkable to tell about Ice Age people; from the earliest known musical instruments made from vulture wing bones, to ancient wooden hunting spears, prehistoric jewellery, and the finest examples of decorated caves in the world."

Prof. Dr. Gerd-Christian Weniger, director of the Neanderthal Museum in Germany, added: "Kents Cavern is not only an impressive cave system but has also an exceptional history of research. The site is a striking example of ice age heritage, well protected, allowing brand new research more than a century after the pioneering scientific work of its first explorers."

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