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Live Global Junkjam to link schools in UNESCO Global Geoparks around the world

17 Oct 2018

Live Global Junkjam to link schools in UNESCO Global Geoparks around the world

Composer, Percussionist, and Environmentalist Donald Knaack (aka The Junkman™) has been appointed Geopark Ambassador for Environmental Arts Education for the English Riviera UNESCO Global Geopark. Along with this appointment comes the announcement that the production of Knaack’s 5th Annual Global Junkjam will now become a joint effort between Knaack and the English Riviera UNESCO Global Geopark and will be broadcast live.  

Torbay Council Executive Lead for Tourism, Culture and Harbours, Cllr Nicole Amil: “This great event will take place 18 October, 2018, at 12noon from The Space at Cockington Court, which is part of the UNESCO English Riviera Global Geopark.  To watch on the day just visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMv2ZOVnxyg

“The one hour Global Junkjam will unite the English Riviera UNESCO Global Geopark with other UNESCO Global Geoparks around the globe via the internet on Google Hangouts. Each of the participating sites will host school pupils at their Geopark locations and locally we are very pleased that the pupils from White Rock Primary School are able to join in and experience this wonderful environmental and cultural exchange.”

Year 3/4 Lead & Music Coordinator, Louise Sage: “White Rock Primary School is a vibrant school in the heart of the English Riviera which takes its global responsibility very seriously. Through exciting learning opportunities, our Year 4 children have been addressing the question of What does it mean to be a global citizen? We have been looking at the impact of today's society on our local and global environment. This has included seeing the devastation of plastic pollution, global warming and the impact of over fishing. Our children are very pro-active and are developing their leadership skills through thinking about what we as a school community can do to help the situation locally and globally. This has included making our eco-chants to spread the word about the problems we face, organising beach cleans, recycling/reusing more and sourcing locally produced fruit and vegetables to reduce our carbon footprint. This UNESCO Global Geopark project really excites us and we are honoured to work with Donald Knaack and the other global sites in our global jam.'

The event will be a worldwide celebration of Mother Earth and a call-to-action for a healthier planet through the use of music-making, social responsibility, and environmental conscience.

Confirmed UNESCO Global Geoparks participating are located in United Kingdom,

Spain, Portugal, Germany, Romania, Iran, China and Canada, plus an aspiring Geopark area in New Zealand. In advance of the event, the students in each participating site will research environmental issues specific to their geographic region as well as solutions to solve those issues.

These solutions will then be simplified into very short Eco-chants the pupils will chant and play on reused materials during the event. Examples are: We should ne-ver waste wa-ter, Take less time-in the sho-wer, or Al-ways throw it in the bin.

The event will be made available live via Youtube live here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMv2ZOVnxyg and shared on all major social media platforms, including the English Riviera UNESCO Global Geopark facebook page which will enable additional students to experience the event. There will also be an additional After-Jam social media campaign to enlist music and science students and teachers throughout the UK.

Donald Knaack remarked, “I am happy and honoured to be associated with this amazing UNESCO Global Geopark organisation. I am most excited about the opportunity to reach out and expand contacts with fellow Geoparks throughout the world in order to create programs and educational opportunities to actually bring us all closer together in the quest for a united, world-wide consciousness for a cleaner and healthier planet.”